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Deep Ultraviolet Light Source from Ultrathin GaN/AlN MQW Structures with Output Power Over 2 Watt


Authors: Wang, YX; Rong, X; Ivanov, S; Jmerik, V; Chen, ZY; Wang, H; Wang, T; Wang, P; Jin, P; Chen, YN; Kozlovsky, V; Sviridov, D; Zverev, M; Zhdanova, E; Gamov, N; Studenov, V; Miyake, H; Li, HW; Guo, SP; Yang, XL; Xu, FJ; Yu, TJ; Qin, ZX; Ge, WK; Shen, B; Wang, XQ
Volume: 7 Issue: 10 Published: MAY 2019 Language: English Document type: Article
DOI: 10.1002/adom.201801763
High-output-power electron-beam (e-beam) pumped deep ultraviolet (DUV) light sources, operating at 230-270 nm, are achieved by adjusting the well thickness of binary ultrathin GaN/AlN multiple quantum wells. These structures are fabricated on high-quality thermally annealed AlN templates by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition. Owing to the reduced dislocation density, large electron-hole overlap, and efficient carrier injection by e-beam, the DUV light sources demonstrate high output powers of 24.8, 122.5, and 178.8 mW at central wavelengths of 232, 244, and 267 nm, respectively. Further growth optimization and employing an e-gun with increased beam current lead to a record output power of approximate to 2.2 W at emission wavelength of approximate to 260 nm, the key wavelength for water sterilization. This work manifests the practical levels of high-output-power DUV light sources operated by using e-beam pumping method.


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